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After years of meditation and after filling hundreds of notebooks with my creative expression,in the Spring of 2004, my awareness sank so deep inside that I woke up to the Source that exists within all of us, that place where all things are born. It was an early morning writing experience that led to an experience of lucid dreaming – observing phenomena, in the form of images, arise from a nothingness within. After that, it was clear that this whole life is the creative expression of God. The creative energy is the very energy that brings this entire collective experience into manifestation!!  That experience forever changed my understanding of who I am, what it is to be human, and my idea of God.

In fact, it was so profound that it inspired me to formally study the imagination, the unconscious, and the process by which this awakening occurred. About two years later, I attended Pacifica Graduate Institute and eventually earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology. While attending Pacifica I also attended weekly meditation groups led by a soft-spoken gentleman who taught principles from the Advaita Vedenta, or non-dual tradition. Advaita Vedanta is a philosophy that states the world is an illusion (a dream) and there is no difference between nothingness and the images it bears, between reality and the source of reality.

It is clear that everything begins within. The manifestation of this life begins inside. The powerful and sacred energy of Creation is forever born inside and continues to create and create and create and create this Life.  With a consistent practice of Creation Meditation, there is an opportunity to unite with the power of the Life Force as well as make the profound and radical transformation of embodying Creation. Facilitating this spiritual unfolding in you is the essential service this site provides.

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