Sacred Rattle Making at Journey II Pre-Retreat

Offering you a visual journey…the magic that is Lisa Starr and her Sacred Rattle Making Workshop (pre-retreat at Journey II in Joshua Tree)…

Journey presenters Bob White and Tamara Christensen craft their sacred rattles.

Bob White presented his Sacred Sound Journey and Tamara Christensen presented her Humandala: Spirit in Motion with Michele Beucler and Mindful Manifestation: Practicing Creative Presence with Karrie Stafford.

Lisa Starr guides Whitney Ferre’ and Nancy Smeltzer in the creative process.

Whitney, co-creator of The Journey, led her Painting Your Personal Altar Workshop (along with Nikki Shannon and Nancy Smeltzer), and Nancy Smeltzer presented her Shamanic Wolf Awareness and Transitioning Despite your Unconscious Mind.

Lisa Starr holds space as we bless our rattles.


Nikki Shannon of blesses her rattle before we head out into Joshua Tree National Park.


Tamara, Whitney, and Leanne at the trail head in Joshua Tree National Park.


Hiking in to Barker’s Dam and the Diamond Caves.


Karen Rudolf celebrates (and shivers) out in the magical Joshua Tree Park.

Karen presented her “Way Out Beyond Experience” with Nikki Shannon. Karen is an intuitive coach and a precious spirit at!

Lisa Starr leads us on a Shamanic Drum Journey just below Diamond Caves. Wow!


Co-leaders of The Journey, Bill Olsen and Whitney, pose in Diamond Cave under the ancient petroglyphs.

Thank you, LISA STARR for leading us on this incredible Journey. Lesson learned? When you come on a Journey Retreat, you DEFINITELY want to attend whatever is planned for the pre-retreat!