Our Presenters

JOURNEY I and II were magical. Journey III in Sedona, AZ promises to be even more transformational & inspiring. These presenters will be our “guides” for the Sedona Retreat in April 2014. The Main Trail Guides will lead the entire Journey Tribe through a series of interactive, dynamic, and FUN programs. Side Trail Guides will offer programs from which you can pick and choose.

Keith Allen Kay is a Main Trail Guide. Awakened Imagination . FractalEnergyMandala . In his work Kay combines Ancient Numerology, Quantum Physics and Creativity. Keith has led some of the most popular workshops during the last two Journeys. In this Journey we will ALL get to benefit from his unique approach to each of us expanding and amplifying our own energy. In his programs, together we will play with energy, activate latent imagination and open portals to the treasure chest of the subconscious. He will be available for private coaching sessions during The Journey retreat.



n22005063_34171838_2182Tamara Christensen is a Main Trail Guide . Idea Farm . Tamara Christensen is a creative catalyst.In a recent survey of those in the know, Tamara was described as a hotpot, a glass of prosecco, an Energizer bunny, a sharpie, & a whirling dervish. She is particularly fond of bold gestures, belly laughs, inventing acronyms, and sing talking. She leads with both head and heart & designs transformational workshop experiences. Tamara has presented at the annual Creative Problem Solving Institute, Mindcamp, Oklahoma Creativity Forum, and ThinkBigKC.



horsedrumBob White is a Main Trail Guide Shamanic Light  . “We come together to refocus our path, to be the highest form of healing that can occur.” Bob’s shamanic practices have developed and evolved over the past 15 years through diverse training and personal dedication to exploring his path of spiritual growth. The shaman’s traditional role in many world cultures is to serve as a mediator between the people and the spiritual forces of the natural and spiritual worlds. Bob was an apprentice to a Hawaiian Lono Priest, “adopted” through sacred Hawaiian ceremony, is an initiated shaman of the Hungarian Basca tradition, and has a strong connection with Native American indigenous shamanism. His goal is to provide a safe, supportive, sacred container for people to have their own individual experience, which ultimately allows for the most profound changes and healing.




Tiffany Josephs is a Main Trail Guide . Tiffany Josephs . Tiffany is a trailblazer for awakened hearts who are ready to evolve into their true soul being.  A former minister, marketing manager and corporate change expert, she has diverse experience in searching for her own glass slipper. Through her writing, speaking and singing engagements, Tiffany passionately enchants seekers into the beauty and wonder of their own truth, helping them feel safe in their vastness, and guiding them into deeper intimacy and trusted relationship with their souls. 




Bill Olsen is a Main Trail Guide . Bill is listed in the “Top 20″ of the global FindAFacilitator.com database with a clear mission… To accelerate yours. Bill has mastered the art of creating dynamic, innovative and productive space for groups, organizations, executives, and teams to effectively launch their goals to an entirely new level. For Bill, the Journey unifies his passion for empowering and inspiring others, creativity, and his interest in the human spirit. At Journey II he will be leading workshops around how we can create our OWN calendar, to chart our own evolution, milestones, goals & dreams, the power of the labyrinth experience, and other surprises.



1005969_10152100173059572_387018355_nWhitney Freya is a Main Trail GuideCreatively Fit . Since 1996 Whitney had been guiding her clients on their own creative and spiritual journey. In her world, painting and doodling become meditation, an opportunity for the mind to expand, for the ego and the to-do list to melt away, and for a new confidence in our ability to create the change we want to see in our world to emerge. Whitney is the published author of two books on creativity, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit and 33 Things to Know About Raising Creative Kids, (endorsed by Dan Pink and Michael Gelb). Her unique application of art making to the “art of living” has garnered Whitney national attention on CBS News Martha Stewart Radio, & HGTV.


M14 - Version 2Marcela Liliana Vernon is a Main Trail Guide . Embody Your Love .
Marcela is a Soul Purpose Love Intuitive. She has helps women transform and heal their relationship to love, deepen intimate communication & amplify their inner beauty through feminine embodiment, while feeling more grounded, sensuous and soulful in the process. She is a licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, Face Reader, Hand Analyst and Energy Practitioner.  She has been mentoring women for over 12 years and is currently expanding her teachings to encompass the Sacred Feminine Arts. Men, you have the divine feminine within you as well. See you on The Journey!


Vidette Vanderweide is a Side Trail Guide .  Vidette is an International Lifestyle Consultant & inspires women to consciously create a business “revolution,” ultimately creating a lifestyle of freedom. She is expertly trained in combining the science of how the mind works, with practical business strategy to help launch purposeful businesses creating a global shift of conscious entrepreneurs.  She is a keynote speaker who is well known to be witty, straightforward & high energy while delivering her lectures and workshops.  Vidette brings very practical action steps to her workshops so her audience leaves knowing how to implement the steps to translate their passions into lucrative & leveraged business revolutions.


Nikki Shannon is a Side Trail Guide . Energy Painter . Energy play with clients is Nikki’s favorite pastime! She optimizes energy flow using both The LifeLine Technique and hands-on energy healing (sprinkled with several additional alternative healing modalities). Also an artist, Nikki has channels her devotion to shifting energy into her artwork in the form of Energy Paintings. Feng Shui paintings designed to improve the energy in a home or business are her current passion.




Karen Rudolf is a Side Trail Guide . TranquilSOULutions. Karen presently facilitates others thru Transitional Life Experiences  from a “W”holistic approach to living with the unique use of Visuals. “W”holistic is referring to Mind , Body, Soul.  Using communication and various  visual techniques, looking at existing belief systems which can hold us in bondage and together, shift perceptions towards a positive outcome. She truly believes life is a conversation which emanates from within and we all have the ability to change those inner dialects to make a difference in our own lives!


Michele Beucler is a Side Trail Guide . Nia Instructor . Michele Beucler is a Nia Brown Belt and has been teaching Nia in Boise for eleven years.  She currently teaches four classes per week at the Downtown YMCA and at The Dojo, Boise’s first and only Nia studio.  The quality of her movement is often described as “integrated” and “earthy.”   Michele’s personal Nia practice has transformed her movement, increased her range of emotional flexibility, and unleashed creativity that takes her work to a new dimension. She has worked for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for over 18 years.  Despite her love of critters, Michele’s skills and energy led her to strategic planning, facilitation, and public involvement.