It has been 30 years since I’ve experienced an event as life changing as The Journey.  Everything in my life, and the lives of those of us who were there, has shifted because of it. It felt to me as if Whitney Ferre’ and Bill Olsen simply invited everyone they honored, respected, and loved in the world to be there, and guess what….many of them came. Together we shared, laughed, cried, painted, danced, explored — inwardly and outwardly, and in the end, we fell in love….not only with ourselves and each other, but with the journey itself. 
By truly sharing in so many ways, we were laying down the puzzle pieces of our lives and co-creating an exquisite picture colored with unlimited potential, inclusivity, creativity, and love. How does it get any better than this? For me it’s by signing up for Journey II……… ~Shelley Flanders, www.ShelleyFlanders.com

Relaxed. Energized. Renewed. The Journey was a magical experience with various industry experts, new friends and old souls. ~J. Winslow, www.UnforgettableBrands.com

This retreat was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  But what struck me wasn’t just how amazing each session, each person, each MOMENT was.  The thing that has been so fantastic is the action that has happened afterwards inspired by what we created together.  I’ve already registered for The Journey II because now I know what I’d be missing…and I’m just not willing to miss this kind of magic!  ~Leslie Stein, www.LeadLikeAGirl.com

As I woke up to a magical sunrise, my heart was filled with gratitude. A gratitude for you, Bill and so many of your friends for sharing yourself so generously. The Journey really was the magnificent adventure into creative realms and it’s sinking in now… So grateful to be challenged like that, taken to the point where one can’t hide any more… :) Loved painting, dancing, imagining, manifesting and dreaming… loved looking deep into sparky eyes and feeling mileniums long connections… loved the authenticity of people you’ve chosen to gather around you… ~Anda


“I met a community of people that I didn’t know existed, but I had been longing to find, and recognize a manifestation of my 2012 Vision board for a community like this.  How could I ever know one single email from conference alerts would change my life so drastically? I could have overlooked it, I could have ignored it, but I realize now I opened it with Spirit’s nudging knowing it was the email that would bring me ‘home.’ 

I go into this new chapter of my life with so much peace.  So much peace that I am now all o.k.  The little girl that Keith talked about in our session who knew her role in this world and knew she was going to change it has emerged with all the knowing and courage she needs to move forward…”

I will just end this with, ‘thank you’ knowing you’ll feel how deep that goes. ~Vidette www.VidetteV.com


“The most surprising benefit from being at The Journey was to really get it deep in my bones that creativity is the lifeline to healthy living since it is the most natural process around. Nature does it every day, children live from it, every innovation or product has come from it. And don’t even get me started on the phenomenal attendees, other leaders and the overall feeling of play and community! The Journey was like a booster shot to the creative soul and I am in wild gratitude for the experience and connections that blossomed from being part of it, so THANK YOU!” ~Michele Wirta, www.braincircusevents.com

How do I put into words the incredible experience of The Journey? Let me try:  Magical. Empowering. Juicy. Transformative. Creative. Joyful. Inspiring. I’ve experienced breakthroughs attending intensives over the years, but nothing like what happened there with people – literally from all over the world – who came together in the name of creativity and spirituality.  Breakthroughs and epiphanies were setting off like fireworks all over the place, and that was only the first few days! A big difference at The Journey I noted compared to those other experiences: the level of commitment by all present to being conscious, kind and supportive… people willing to meet you ‘where you are,’ however you showed up, and the combined effort to inspire + celebrate one another was nothing short of beautiful. And plain ol’ FUN! I pulled out my inner artist and set her free (she’d been hiding a long time), I belly-laughed like a little kid, I danced like I haven’t in years!

If you want to experience and share with a growing community of like-minded, passionate souls, dedicated to supporting the very best we each have to share — and what we can create in this world, together, when we combine our Highest Potentials — where you can explore and listen and learn and dare and dream and hope and cry and cut loose the amazing You that waits within… please, come and join this celebration of consciousness!
Whitney and Bill, I can’t thank you enough — my gratitude is endless. And I can’t wait to do it again… See you at Journey II!

Kimberely Arana, founder of Unshakable Soul
intuitive/ shamanic healing
spiritual instigator + mentor